First Biogas Plant Installation in 2019

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The journey began in 2019 with the plastic biogas plant it is installed in Puna Patiya, Green City Surat

The journey from 2019 to 2021


Through various R&D and field surveys done since 2019, the Team Bi-Energies has evaluated the scope of requirement of biogas plant for small and mid-size families in rural areas. Various tests were carried out on different types of Biogas Plants such as Fixed Dome, Flexible Biogas Plant, KVIC plants, Fiber Glass Biogas Plant, Plastic Biogas Plant, Sintex Biogas Plant, etc with the integration of Biogas Balloon without the need of booster pump. The results were tested for the quality of gas generated and also organic manure derived. Keeping the end user application in mind and the requirement of a better rate of investment, the biogas technology developed by Team Bi-Energies has become a better choice.

The journey from 2021 and Beyond

From Design


To Sustainable Plant

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With successful installations, Bi-Energies Biogas Plant is successfully helping the needs of alternative energy for the need of small and medium family size.